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Employment and Global Mobility
Employment is a constantly changing and increasingly regulated area. We provide practical advice to our clients in all areas of employment law and propose effective responses to the raft of new legislation, case law and regulatory changes. We work hard to ensure that we understand our clients’ businesses and work with them to achieve full compliance. We also advise on all aspects of the global mobility of employees, including tax and social security issues.
HR Advisory & Contractual Documentation

Well drafted contracts and policies are essential to properly protect both employers and employees and help ensure the smooth running of a business. Investing in quality documents will help not only in clarifying the rights and obligations of both parties but will also help ensure that any disputes can be resolved quickly and in a cost efficient manner.
We work closely with our clients to ensure we are always on hand to steer them through the employment law issues, protecting them from the risk of claims by identifying issues and dealing with problems that arise swiftly. 
We draft and advise on all employment documentation, safeguarding the rights of both employers and employees.
We deal with the full spectrum of day to day employment issues, including HR strategy, performance management, flexible working and family friendly issues, as well as working proactively with clients to ensure adequate policies and procedures are in place.
Our services include:
  • ongoing support;
  • anti-discriminatory and anti-bullying policies;
  • employee personal data protection;
  • audits in area of employment law;
  • dismissals;
  • employment litigation;
  • employment aspects of commercial transactions;
  • regulatory issues (including monitoring at work).

Remunaration & Incentives
Implementing an appropriate and effective remuneration and incentive policy for management and employees is a key driver for a successful business. Having the right arrangements in place increases employee engagement, motivation and alignment with shareholders and gives companies a greater ability to attract, reward and retain the best talent.
We work hard to ensure we understand our clients' businesses and work with them to design and implement remuneration and employee incentive plans that are right for their businesses. We identify the financial metrics against which an incentives plan should be measured then structure the incentive strategically to drive the behaviours that the employer wants to achieve, designing arrangements that are simple, focused and effective. We understand the regulatory landscape and have a firm grasp of the ever evolving EU and Polish remuneration requirements.
We work with businesses across all sectors, including entertainment, food sector, construction and financial services.
Discrimination, Bullying & Harassment Advice
Diversity, discrimination and harassment cases are often complex and the stakes can be high, both financially and emotionally and cause irrevocable damage to reputations. The right strategic and legal advice is crucial in successfully navigating this area.
We have a wealth of experience acting in discrimination, bullying and harassment cases, providing pragmatic advice and, where necessary, applying appropriate force through litigation, managing the short and long term reputational issues for all involved.
Employment Disputes
Our employment law experts have successfully led some of the most high profile, high value and complex employment cases. We maintain a commercial approach to what you can achieve, outlining the personal, financial and time investment that will be involved. We exercise pragmatism where required, and are adept at applying proportionate force at the appropriate time.

Immigration and Global Mobility
We advise individuals and companies on their immigration matters. We guide our clients through the immigration process, from compiling their applications to obtaining the relevant permits for themselves and their families. We also handle citizenship applications.
We also advise on all aspects of the global mobility of employees, including tax and social security issues.

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