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Due to its politically sensitive nature, immigration law is constantly developing, making it a challenging area for both businesses and individuals to negotiate. Our extensive range of immigration and nationality services are designed to assist corporate and private clients, as well as education providers, in making successful applications and ensuring ongoing compliance with the immigration law.

We use our years of experience and contacts within the Polish immigration authorities to resolve complex matters in an efficient and straightforward manner, particularly those involving unusual or urgent situations, immigration non-compliance and previous refusals.

For private individuals, we provide advice and assistance on the full range of Polish immigration issues which covers the work, study, family, entrepreneur, investment and settlement routes as well as Polish nationality, registration and passport applications. We represent clients who live abroad in the proceedings to confirm their Polish citizenship. If clients do not have sufficient documents confirming their Polish descent, our researchers know all the archives containing the records needed. Depending on the case and the place of birth, the research has to cover not only Poland in its current territory but also those parts of Poland which belonged to Poland before 1945 and today belong to Ukraine (Wołyn and Podole), Belarus (Polesie and Wileńszczyzna) or Lithuania.

For corporate clients, we advise on all aspects of immigration law that affect companies in Poland. This includes assisting companies in obtaining permits and approvals from immigration authorities. We not only provide advice on the application process, we also assist companies in ensuring they have the policies and procedures in place to comply with all immigration obligations.
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