The Three Seas Initiative (also known as Intermarium) creates for Poland and other countries in the CEE a real opportunity to gear up for higher economic growth and energy independence. The USA is eager to develop its partnership ties with Poland and the neighbouring countries, and likewise, Poland and the other states in the region are keen to cooperate more closely with the USA.
As President Trump said in his remarkable speech at Krasinski Square on 6th July: “We welcome stronger ties of trade and commerce as you grow your economies. And we are committed to securing your access to alternate sources of energy, so Poland and its neighbours are never held hostage to a single supplier of energy.”
In the history of most countries, opportunities such as this one have not cropped up often. In fact, very rarely. This historic chance puts Poland in the geostrategic centre and can only be compared to the project of 1569 when the Union of Lublin gave rise to the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania – one of the most powerful states in Europe.
The Three Seas Initiative will not be an easy undertaking. Establishing a solid network of among the CEE countries on the north-south axis will surely have numerous opponents. But it is crucial, not as a sort of resistance to Western Europe but as a way of establishing a more equal Europe in which every country will be able to fulfil its potential.

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