As of January 2018, Chambers and Partners, one of the global leaders of legal rankings and directories, is introducing new products and features to push the research for the right counsel to the next level. It uses modern technologies and open approach to decrease the distance between lawyers and clients by its new product.
Huge competition and fragmentation of the legal market encourages law firms to reach out to their clients, the current ones and the prospective. Clients want to read, watch and listen their potential counsels before hiring them. Internet and new technologies give them plenty of possibilities to do so. More and more lawyers have been appearing at conferences, blogs, videos and webinars to present their experience, knowledge and skills.
Chambers and Partners followed the suit and took the lead among legal directories by introducing a new powerful tool to make lawyers more approachable to clients than ever before. ChambersConnect, a new service provided by the directory, enables direct contact online between the clients and the best lawyers in the world. This ‘by-invitation-only’ section ensures that only reliable clients and professional counsels (at least according to Chambers) use the product.

ChambersConnect entails three main features. ‘Ask the Experts’ section enables clients to send inquiries directly to chosen lawyers. ‘Request for Proposals’ feature gives possibility to easily distribute among a selection of counsels an RFP form and receive standardized answers. ‘ChambersCompare’ is a helpful tool to compare various law firms departments ranked in Chambers and to read Chambers’s commentaries from previous years.

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