Delighted to share that Woźniak Legal is celebrating a third consecutive year as the Poland’s number one law firm for private client. Who would have thought that our private client department, which started life more than 5 years ago as a dream, would be going so quickly from strength to strength. Today, Woźniak Legal is ranked as a winner of the first prize in Poland by both Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500. It is a massive achievement!
Congratulations to Grzegorz Dudek and all the team, who are working incredibly hard to keep ahead of the competition and to provide the best possible advice to our clients. In the latest Chambers HNW (the world's leading high net worth advisors) we have been described as a one-stop shop for private clients. Grzegorz E. Woźniak and Grzegorz Dudek have been classified as leading practitioners in the field of private wealth. The launch of the Chambers HNW new guide for 2017 took place at the glamorous Institute of Directors at Pall Mall in London on 14 September 2017.
The world is rich with examples of originality. Original means independent and creative in thought and action. It required a lot of courage from us and independent thinking to come up with an idea of starting the private client department in Warsaw 5 years ago. Nobody used to do private client matters seriously in Warsaw at that time. We were the pioneers. My motto that going with the crowd is not always the right answer paid off. We were going against the tide, and I knew it was risky but we wanted to carve out our own niche. I had my own ideas and knew we would have to be independent as well as creative to see them happen. I’m certainly happy I decided to take a chance and go for it.
It would have been easier for us to stay in our comfort zone and be a mediocre, average law firm because we were too small to challenge openly the big law firms in Warsaw. But we wanted to achieve something special and be the champions. One thing that all champions have in common is the special mindset: they want to win, they want to be the best. Not the runner-up, but the best. Champions think big. Champions are focused. Champions go the extra mile. This is our mindset.

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