Every trial lawyer brings his or her own unique life experience and perspective to the trial practice.
Much of my perspective and my practice in the courtroom have been forged during my years at Allen&Overy, one of the best law firms in the world. I have had a chance to work both in London and in Warsaw with the best men in the legal profession and then – it was natural for me to adopt similar level of expertise and craftsmanship to my own law firm which I established in 2007. I remember one of the questions which we were discussing once at Allen&Overy: “what does wisdom mean to you?’ The answers were diverse but they tended to have a few common denominators: integrity, experience and knowledge. These values were the bedrock of our business litigation practice from the very beginning.
During my Allen&Overy years I had a great privilege to work on some of the most significant transactions in Poland such as privatization projects, major takeovers, joint ventures and greenfield projects. This gave me knowledge and necessary experience in this field so when the market went down and high-stake litigation started in Poland, I was on the good path to be able to look at these complex business issues and strategically think of presenting them in the courtroom. I was involved in large and complex litigation battles in Poland, including several high-profile arbitration cases.
I also had the good fortune to be involved in some smaller cases as well and to be able to argue typical commercial cases in front of many judges. I must say that this experience, for me, was invaluable. It made me feel pretty comfortable in the courtroom. To win a high-stake case, you need to be well-trained in the courtroom and thoroughly prepared to control the nitty-gritty things.
So, what is our philosophy that makes us unique on the Polish market?
Our philosophy is to follow the example of the best litigation law firms in the world and to put our clients in absolutely best position possible to achieve the result that they want. Now, to do that may take various courses, depending what the client wants and what are the circumstances. But, in every case, being thoroughly prepared, being thoroughly knowledgeable about that industry and about the facts of that case is crucial. 
Our philosophy is that you can not win the case without having a thorough preparation. In some cases, the best result could be achieved by settling the case for the client, but you also can’t be afraid of trying a case. So I would say our philosophy is we are not afraid to try cases and if it requires us to try the case, we are going to do it, if that’s what’s going to get the best result for the client.
Finally, being able to understand what are the client’s expectations and how to get there, is extremely important. In some cases, clients will not know how to get there but they definitely have an idea of the results they want to achieve. In some other cases clients may think they know how to get there but it may not be the most direct route to achieving their goals. Especially in the high-stake, bet-the-farm litigation, where the lawsuits threaten the existence of the company, clients need a precise advice and need to understand the gravity of the legal situation.
So, being able to work directly with the client to make sure they fully understand the best path to achieve their goals, is a secret to our success.

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