In a world in which we’re told to chase more Facebook friends, Instagram and Twitter followers, and LinkedIn connections, it’s easy to lose sight of what the purpose of a professional network really is. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. A network that is small, extraordinary and consists of people who frequently and meaningfully engage with one another can be much stronger than a big network created by people who hardly know each other. By purposefully and intentionally surrounding yourself with intelligent, creative, hardworking and trustworthy colleagues of the same business DNA, you can create something lasting and powerful. This is our case.
Several lawyers in Europe who used to work once for the magic circle firm Allen & Overy, decided to set-up an international elite network of law firms to promote cooperation, integrity and quality. It was in 2015. The network included the law firms in Hamburg, Milan, Amsterdam, Prague and Woźniak Legal in Warsaw. Other law firms (ex-A&O) joined later on, including Paris, Luxembourg, Budapest and Bratislava.
Our shared experience in working closely together on a multitude of high-profile multi-jurisdictional transactions and disputes enables us to provide our clients with consistent and seamless high quality legal advice across different jurisdictions. Cut to the same standards, we share the same values, business culture and approach to our clients’ needs, and tackle their most challenging legal issues in a pragmatic and commercially focused manner. Our network is composed of friends who regularly engage personally with each other and work together in many different fields. This is why our network combines strong international capabilities with the depth of local expertise, together we deliver expert legal advice of the highest quality globally.  
This is an amazing story about our network called New Circle, the only such a network in the world. Woźniak Legal (as one of the founding fathers of the network) has been shortlisted this year for the Law Society’s Excellence Award in London for the creation and development of the New Circle. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

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