On 12 October 2018, Poland’s credit rating was raised to A- from BBB+ by Standard&Poor’s credit rating agency. This is a huge success for Poland which is caused by the Poland’s strong track record of balanced economic growth.
Standard &Poor’s, which provides financial information and economic analysis, cited “a stable outlook” as the main trigger driver behind revising Poland’s strong economic performance.

S&P also cited “fiscal prudence”, as well as the diversity and competitiveness of Poland’s economy for the raise in rating.
The raise in rating is not the only good news for Poland in recent days. On 24 September 2018 Poland became the first country from Central and Eastern Europe to be ranked a "developed market" on the FTSE Russell index.
Poland now joins the likes of the UK, US and Japan in the index’s list of the 25 most advanced global economies. It marks the first time in a decade that a country has made the leap from emerging market to developed market in the index's rankings. The FTSE Russell bases its classification on factors such as a country’s regulatory environment, the quality of its capital markets and the status of its derivatives market.

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