The Global Law Summit will be held in London between 23 and 25 February 2015, celebrating 800 years of Magna Carta.

The Summit will gather a wide variety of delegates, including members of governments, businesspeople, law firms, general counsel, academics, NGOs. The aim of the Summit is to discuss and debate issues that relate to litigation, private equity, international capital markets and dispute resolution. Much of the Summit’s programme revolves around the Rule of Law and its influence on maintaining strong economic growth.

The Summit will not only cover the challenges of today, but its participants will also try to predict the coming trends in law and business, as well as challenges related to the on-going technological revolution.

The Summit is not an ordinary conference, but a unique networking event, which will allow new relationships to be developed across markets and jurisdictions, and between law practitioners and businesspeople from around the world. These new relationships forged at the Summit will surely contribute to global economic growth.

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