Whatever your business or organisation, the scope of compliance and regulatory demands that you face is ever-increasing. At the same time, the consequences of non-compliance have increased significantly with multi-million Euro fines and negative publicity putting your future success at risk.
We at Wozniak Legal have a great deal of experience in putting together crisis management plans when incidents do occur, plus a range of follow-up actions, including resolving underlying issues to minimise future risk, interacting with regulators, considering self-reporting, dealing with any enforcement and prosecutions, and conducting any follow-up litigation. Above all, our experts will support you to meet your obligations and work with regulators in an efficient and commercial way while protecting your interests.

We work with clients to agree key objectives and ensure a strategic approach to any regulator.
Failing to comply with regulations can have severe implications. We provide added value to:
    • organisations – by limiting the risk of non-compliance
    • management board – by providing the appropriate level of supervision and control
    • investors – by ensuring full compliance with legislation and good regulatory practice
    • employees – by ensuring transparent and friendly rules.
    Whatever the issue, we can help. We advise and represent clients, large and small, in all economic sectors in the following areas:
      • personal data protection (GDPR)
      • anti-money laundering (AML)
      • antitrust compliance
      • mandatory disclosure rules (MDR)
      • corporate criminal liability (CCL)
      • anti-bribery and corruption.
      In conclusion, make sure you know your company’s situation well. If in doubt and you think your company could be heading towards non-compliance, seek professional advice.

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