This year the International Bar Association Annual Conference takes place on 22 -27 September in Seoul, South Korea, and more than 6,000 lawyers from all over the world will attend.
Woźniak Legal will be there. We look forward to meeting our friends and colleagues from all over the world!
South Korea and especially Seoul is a well known success story and the example of the economic miracle. Korea did in 50 years what developed nations of the West took 200 years to do. Today Seoul is a thriving metropolis that mixes the traditional with the modern – from skyscrapers, high-tech subways, K-pop culture and K-beauty to Buddhist temples, palaces and street markets and a history going back 5,000 years.
This technology forward, but deeply traditional city, located between the North Asian powerhouses of Japan and China, will be an ideal location for the largest and most prestigious event for international lawyers.

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