Krynica Zdrój is now hosting the 25th Economic Forum. The Economic Forum in Krynica has become the biggest and the most important meeting place for political and economic leaders from Central and Eastern Europe. It is often compared with its Swiss counterpart – the World Economic Forum in Davos. The mission of Economic Forum’s is to create a favourable climate for the development of political and economic co-operation in Europe. One of the most important participants of the Forum is the World Bank.

Last year the Forum in Krynica was attended by more than 3,000 guests representing 60 countries – political, economic and social leaders from Europe, Asia and America. There were presidents, prime ministers, EU commissioners, MPs, as well as CEOs of large international companies. Over the years, the Economic Forum in Krynica has witnessed important political and economic declarations and the opinions of the participants are quoted by the media and discussed all over the world. It is truly an event that shapes the future of Europe.

The Economic Forum in Krynica also hands over an annual award for the man of the year. The former Polish PM – Jarosław Kaczyński – was named by the current Economic Forum to be the man of the year 2014.

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