The 18th edition of the C5 Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery conference took place in Geneva on 14th and 15th March 2024 in Hotel President Wilson. Its main focus this year was the use of Artificial Intelligence in asset recovery investigations as well as contentious cross-border insolvency & restructuring proceedings.

The annual C5 fraud and asset recovery conference in Geneva is a must-attend event in the fraud and asset recovery program throughout the year. Over the years, this conference in Geneva developed into one of the most important events in the industry, bringing together the law experts and speakers from all over the world including lawyers from common law and civil law jurisdictions. Grzegorz E. Woźniak represented Woźniak Legal at the Geneva conference and gave two presentations. The first one was given on 14th March on how to handle the heat in asset recovery disputes and how to navigate emotions while the second one was given during the interactive think tank held on 15th March on procedural cross-border tricks and traps, including different approaches taken to disclosure & discovery in civil and common law jurisdictions.
Today, fraud, asset tracing and recovery cases are rarely domestic in their entirety. Misappropriated assets are often hidden across national borders and require international cooperation to be traced effectively. Nevertheless, different jurisdictions take different approaches to tracing and recovering assets. Differing legal procedures or attitudes to fraud can complicate the cross-border coordination of recovery efforts and this is why the cooperation of lawyers from various jurisdictions is so important.

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