On December 22nd 2015 Stratfor has published an article on Poland’s situation and a forecast concerning our country’s future political moves. According to the article, Poland is undergoing a period of domestic transformation, brought on by the newly elected party. The new government believes Poland should protect its national sovereignty and remain outside of the eurozone. However, even though current inner turmoil will affect Poland’s international behavior, the country's foreign policy is not likely to change drastically. Poland cannot afford to be isolated.

Therefore, Stratfor predicts that Poland will want to retain its EU membership, but will increasingly view the European Union as a club of sovereign nations linked by common and fluctuating interests. Warsaw will cooperate with Brussels when it serves its needs but will also look for alternatives while trying to keep its foreign policy as independent as possible. The most interesting of these alternatives is the construction of regional alliances from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea — a strategy meant to both resist Russia and oppose EU policies that go against Poland's interests. Warsaw will not be alone – several EU members in the region share many of Poland's views.

Read more at: https://www.stratfor.com/sample/weekly/poland-takes-new-direction

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