In the beginning of June, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has published an update of economic forecasts for Poland. It had maintained the growth projection forecast in 2017 at 3,5 per cent. It would be a significant growth when compared to this year’s. For 2016 OECD has predicted a rate of 3 per cent, which is currently a fact, in accordance with statements of Polish statistical authorities.

That real GDP growth is based on “rising employment and wages, higher social transfers and low energy prices” supporting “faster consumption growth”. At the same time, “easy credit conditions” and a developed infrastructure (supported by the EU funds) will “underpin stronger investment”. A gradual rise also be the case for consumer price inflation.

Productivity will be strengthened by investments in infrastructure (public transport in particular), while rental housing market and “life-long training opportunities” should enhance workers’ mobility and skills. In addition to “easing regulatory barriers to firms” and implementing new solutions for business, Poland remains to be one of the most attractive places to invest in the nearest future in the world.

The whole OECD forecast may be found at:

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