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Competition & Antitrust 

As a leading Polish mergers and acquisitions firm and a member of an international M&A New Circle network, we offer our clients seamless legal advice in all aspects of their transactions, including competition & antitrust issues. Our knowledge encompasses merger control, antitrust litigation and business planning. We have significant experience in the construction, electronics, pharmaceuticals and financial sectors. We successfully represent our clients before the relevant regulatory agencies and the courts.
Antitrust Compliance
We have significant expertise in assisting our clients with the implementation of policies and programs, which help businesses comply with the relevant antitrust and competition regulations. Our expertise also covers the preparation of complex and thorough antitrust audits, keeping in mind that Polish companies may be fined up to 10 per cent of their annual turnover for a single breach.
Antitrust Investigations & Litigation
We represent parties involved in all types of governmental investigations and public enforcement actions. With the transposition of the EU Directive 2014/104/EU in Poland and the Act from 21 April 2017 on claims for compensation for damage caused by competition law infringements, private antitrust enforcement actions are set to increase. We have developed a reputation of being the best litigation law firms in Warsaw.
Abuse of Dominance
Companies holding a substantial share of the market are subject to scrutiny whenever they engage in conduct that is predatory (e.g. the sale of goods below their manufacturing cost) or exclusionary (e.g. actions aimed at restricting the access of competitors to the resources). We advise our clients in respect of pricing, distribution, and other practices which may be considered an abuse of dominance.
Pricing & Distribution
Distribution contracts, supply contracts and other similar agreements along with various pricing and distribution policies may be the subject of regulatory or civil proceedings. We are experienced in advising on matters relating to possible price conspiracies, maintenance and discrimination, disproportionate promotional allowances and exclusive-dealing arrangements.
Merger & Joint Venture Control
We successfully guide our clients through antitrust reviews of their most challenging transactions. Mergers and acquisitions exceeding certain quantitative criteria are subject to notification either to the European Commission or to the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. We regularly file pre-merger notifications with the relevant regulatory agencies.

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