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Dispute Resolution
Dispute resolution practice is at the heart of our firm. We are an independent law firm and we remain largely conflict free and able to act on large commercial disputes. We pride ourselves on the fact that Woźniak Legal is recognized as one of the best litigation teams in Warsaw. Grzegorz Woźniak is regularly ranked as a leading dispute resolution lawyer by Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500. We focus on issues ranging from commercial litigation, real estate and construction to white collar crimes and international arbitration.

Commercial Litigation
Increasingly complex ventures and tougher trading conditions have led to an increase in business disputes. We act for businesses that range from owner-manager operations to multinational entities with disputes which cross several jurisdictions. We have litigators embedded in every practice area from IP, corporate, M&A, competition law, employment and real estate.
We recognise that each dispute requires a bespoke solution. When we litigate we are known for our assertive style.

Our services include:
  • shareholder disputes;
  • commercial fraud;
  • financial distress & insolvency;
  • regulatory disputes;
  • intellectual property disputes;
  • employment disputes;
  • property litgation;
  • arbitration;
  • business crime.
Our lawyers act for a variety of clients ranging from high net worth private clients to major developers, property investors, banks and occupiers through to contractors, sub-contractors and consultants.
Our team of construction lawyers includes members with a practical background gained in the industry and experience from involvement in some of the largest transactions.
We are equipped to deal with our clients' non-contentious and contentious construction law requirements and work with our property, finance, planning and corporate teams to provide a complete service encompassing contentious and non-contentious construction expertise.
Our services include:
  • drafting and negotiating all relevant construction documentation;
  • advising on construction aspects of corporate, real estate and finance transactions;
  • pursuing and defending claims arising from construction projects;
  • mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution;
  • ‘freezing’ injunctions.

Reputation Protection
We advise on a number of sensitive issues related to private individuals and businesses including:
  • being contacted or harassed by the press;
  • being attacked in online forums or on social media;
  • being blackmailed with the threat of releasing private information or images;
  • being defamed in the press.

As litigators, we are both robust and resolute, but we do not take action as a first resort. In a crisis, we are calm and measured. We are able to navigate complex and special situations quickly, applying the intellectual rigour required to reach the most effective solution.
Restitution Claims and Compensation
Restitution of property nationalized in Poland after 1945 is one of our special areas of expertise. We have significant expertise in acting on behalf of pre-war owners and their successors in all types of proceedings concerning the restitution of property and businesses in Poland. In 1945 the goverment issued what is called Bierut’s Decree, a piece of legislation ordering the confiscation of plots of private land in the capital. It also provided for compensation in such cases, although in practice these were never granted. This decree is still valid law in Poland and currently forms the basis of a multitude of restitution claims in Warsaw.

We also handle many other restitution and compensation claims falling under other pieces of legislation, such as the Land Reform Decree and the Law on the Nationalization of the Basic Branches of the Industry of 1946.

White Collar Crime
We offer a wide spectrum of services for persons and companies affected by or prosecuted for business crimes like fraud, bribery, corruption. We represent both victims and defendants on all phases of investigation, prosecution and litigation. We offer help not only in remediating crimes but also preventing the future ones. We assist with implementing and improving corporate compliance programmes.
Our lawyers advise on anti-fraud compliance, internal investigations and reporting misconduct. We support business suffering from fraud committed by employees from securing the evidence to initiating the prosecution.
Our services include advising on:
  • financial crime;
  • criminal fraud;
  • employee fraud;
  • corruption & bribery;
  • asset tracing and recovery.

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